October 29


Sylvia Schneider interviews Kat Sturtz on Equinely-Inclined Podcast about her time on the Sheriff’s Posse

By Kat Sturtz

October 29, 2022

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I first me Sylvia Schneider on Facebook in the Jen Lehner's Front Row VIP group which focused on building a successful business. As she mentions in this interview, she had no idea of my background with horses at first. 

I loved serving on the posse for over 7+ years. As a Detroit born and raised gal, I didn't grow up around horses but did ride occasionally during the summer months at a small stable near where we camped. I was 28, married and a mom before getting a horse of my own. Over the years I owned several with the sweetest and most reliable being Echo, my big 16.4 hand buckskin Quarter Horse, and Spanky, another slightly shorter Quarter Horse. 

BTW, that's me in the photo riding Jimmy D during the 4th of July parade in Frankenmuth, Michigan, 1983. He liked walking the state game trails but was definitely skittish and bit unpredictable in parades. But Piper, my Morgan horse, definitely had him beat in the skittish department. He earned his nickname Hyper Piper the first... and only parade... I rode him in.

In this interview you'll learn more about them and others I and my family owned over the years. Plus, I share some of my favorite... and definitely scary moments on as a duly-sworn in deputy on our mounted squad, including training time spent with the Detroit Mounted Police that includes lit firecrackers!

My portion of the interview starts at 4:25. But I hope you'll listen to the beginning where Sylvia discusses the dangers of carbon monoxide, as well as the end where she shares some interesting information about Emotional Intelligence Awareness both in animals and humans.


Kat Sturtz

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As a business life mentor and The Purgatory Relief Coach for People Who Think Marketing Is Hell, Kat Sturtz works with struggling solopreneurs and small business owners to figure out what really has them stuck or stalled so they can implement solutions that help them rock their unique path and prosper with passion and purpose

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